United Way of Jamaica/JAID First Aid Training

In April 2013, United Way of Jamaica (UWJ) visited the Jamaica Association on Intellectual Disabilities (JAID) to review investments made for the training of sixty (60) members of staff from their network of schools which has an enrolment of approximately 2000 students. The project was as a result of high incidents of seizure attacks among students, increased display of aggression, accidents and emergency cases among students and staff and the limited number of staff with First Aid training in a teaching institution.

The objectives of the project included the training and certification of sixty (60) members of staff in standard first aid, to apply treatment in emergency situations and make the necessary referrals where appropriate. It was also expected that a programme to promote safety in the school setting and to equip and maintain first aid kits in each school would be developed.

As a result of the training programme, first aid boxes have been acquired, stocked and distributed across the school network and trained members of staff are now able to intervene in emergency cases. Staff with outstanding performance received advanced training from the Red Cross and are now certified as instructors, conducting training among teacher’s aides.