Frequently Asked Questions

All contributions to the United Way of Jamaica are tax deductable under the Income Tax Laws of Jamaica.

Fill out the UWJ Volunteer Form or Call us at 922-9424-7/ 906-0065 to let us know about your skills and interest. For other volunteer opportunities, go to for more information or visit the National Volunteer Centre (NVC) at 2b Camp Road, Kingston.

The United Way of Jamaica (UWJ) and Council of Voluntary Social Services (CVSS) share a joint secretariat. They are separate entities, but each is represented on each other’s board. The CVSS is an umbrella organization for the private voluntary sector while UWJ’s core business is to mobilize resources for the private voluntary sector.

  1. Go to  for application form
  2. Complete and submit United Way of Jamaica application form to the Programmes and Projects Manager

The United Way of Jamaica does not provide loans. The organization provides GRANT funding to private voluntary groups involved in assisting the underprivileged. The grant does not have to be repaid, however it has to be fully accounted for.

The United Way of Jamaica provides funding to private voluntary organizations engaged in health, education, income generation and community development programmes.

The United Way of Jamaica provides grant funding to support projects in the areas of education, health and income generation and community development. Through a network of volunteers, projects are monitored and evaluated to ensure accountability and transparency.

The United Way of Jamaica obtains its funds through Jamaicans in the diaspora, annual fund raising campaign which targets companies, local and international funding agencies, professionals and individuals giving through payroll deduction. 

The United Way of Jamaica is an autonomous non-profit Private Voluntary Organization registered with the Charities Authority in Jamaica and an affiliate of United Way worldwide.

The United Way of Jamaica advocates for the public good and focus on the building blocks for a good life; education, health and income generation. It mobilizes resources which are used to positively impact and improve lives across Jamaica.